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A special combination of Egyptian Chamomile and Japanese Tartary Buckwheat and mixed together through a unique baking technique, the component of RUTIN is 120x more than the average buckwheat. It does not contain any added fragrance, pesticides and caffeine. It helps facilitate digestion, enhance our inner physical equilibrium, energize our body and promotes the natural production of collagen. The elegant floral flavor of Chamomile paired with the mild flavor of Tatar buckwheat creates a special taste to the tea. Drinking Tartar Buckwheat & Chamomile tea everyday can boost metabolism, relieve physical and mental fatigue, stabilize emotion, moisturize skin, and to help indigestion caused by anxiety and stress. It can also helps relieve the symptoms of insomnia, neuropathic pain, menstrual pain and gastroenteritis, or just to ease the hectic stress of daily life.

韃靼蕎麥&洋甘菊茶 #104 – 選用「埃及洋甘菊」與「日本韃靼蕎麥」獨特組合,採用日本獨特先進烘焙技術來保留其活性及營養成分,無添加香料、無農藥、無咖啡因。其中芸香甘(又名蘆丁)成分更比一般蕎麥多達120倍,幫助消化、調整體質、增強體力,促進體內自然合成膠原蛋白的作用。淡雅的洋甘菊花香風味加上韃靼蕎麥溫醇風味,獨特溫和口感,每日飲用韃靼蕎麥&洋甘菊茶能夠促進新陳代謝,舒緩疲憊身心,安定情緒、潤澤肌膚,並可治療焦慮和緊張造成的消化不良,且對失眠、神經痛及月經痛、腸胃炎都有所助益,徹底紓緩緊張忙碌的每日生活。

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