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Arrowroot has various healthy properties. It is recommended for you to drink arrowroot especially during the Flu season. Some of these properties include: 1. Blood purification, Blood circulation promotion. Arrowroot contains Flavonoid of Daidzein, Puerarin and Puerarinxyloside which are good for Hormone replacement and Vasodilatation. 2. Immune function improvement with Beta-Sitosterol in the arrowroot, including adjustment of cholesterol and improvement of inflammation. 3. Stability of the whole body organs Allantoin in the arrowroot is good for strengthening of skin tissue, improvement of liver function and glucose metabolism. Furthermore, Flavonoids may improve the function of body organs. Lastly, there are more benefits such as retoxification, anti-aging, analgesic action, and the warm effect on the body. This product is a ginger arrowroot powder drink which contains herb extracts with starch gruel and is good for soothing the throat and nose.

飲葛根湯能令身體和暖 -葛根湯內的葛有許多功能 -在流感季節時飲用葛根湯為不二之選 以下為葛根湯的功能 1.淨化及促進血液循環 (葛)含有的成份包括黃酮類化合物, 葛根素及葛根素木糖甙對更換激素及擴張血管功效顯著. 2.改善免疫能力 (葛)含有的B-谷甾醇對消除發炎,提升人體免疫力及改善膽固醇均十分有效. 3.穩定全身器官 (葛)含有的尿嚢素對強化皮膚組織,改善肝功能及增強葡萄糖代謝等功效顯著.此外, (葛)含有的黃酮類化合物亦能穩定自律神經及改善全身器官機能. (葛)的其它功能亦包括解毒,防老化,鎮痛及暖化身體等. 此薑茶含有由草藥提錬的澱粉,對舒緩鼻部,喉嚨不適功效卓著。

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